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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 9, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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being spent on extra security. good morning. back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, august 9th. we're talking about the weather. still a lot of smoke and clouds in the air and it is cool this morning. the mart just walked n. we're talking about low clouds and fog and haze. this is the second day in a row. the deal where we don't have much mix in the atmosphere, a lid above our heads. and we have hot numbers inland close to 100 degrees. and another warm forecast for your friday. and we'll cool things off as we head towards the weekend. a lot happen in the tropics. we're watching the tropical storm -- tropical storm john that could send us some clouds. this is the fog. you see the low clouds up and down the coastline. and the current numbers, if you
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step outside the door soon, you see the readings around 50 to 60. the cool spot up in santa rosa. today the hottest day of the week. and that means the inland close to 100. and the coast mainly in the upper 50s to 60 and patchy fog. we'll take a closer look at your forecast highs coming up in a few minutes. let's go to sal as we check out the morning commute. it is smooth is not one of the worst days that we have had this week. we'll start off in the silicon valley. this is highway 17. if you get on the road soon, you should have a nice drive. if you want to take a quick look at the map, a little slow traffic on 58, 280, 101. still perfectly doable driving
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up to sunnyville. 880 and hayward and fremont a little slow. but it has been a mild commute. and highway 4 it slows in pittsburgh and bay point. and 80 is slow. very typical, the bay bridge backed up for a 20 minute delay. hopefully will is stay routine out without any major incidents. and now back to the desk. the two defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial will be in court for a two day sentencing. they will hear from those that lost lohred win in the deadly fire where 36 people died. and we have details now from the courthouse. >> reporter: they avoided going to trial by pleading no contest on july 3rd to 33 counts of manslaughter. in exchange for a no contest plea, -- will receive a nine year jail sentence and harris six years for their roles in the deadly fire at the ghost
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ship warehouse. in december 2016 people attend a concert and party thrown inside the two story warehouse. a fire broke out and quickly consumed the building. they say that the ghost ship warehouse was a death trap. the fruit vail warehouse had a makeshift electrical system. it did not have an adequate way to escape the building. 36 people between the ages of 17 and 61 died from smoke inhalation when they were unable to make it out when the fire broke out. city records and media exposed oakland's role. the city failed to elevate the complaints on the property. and the police and the firefighter has visited the warehouse before the fire but a formal inspection was never done. and several family members said they don't feel the plea bargain spares them from a trial, but denies them information on what happened.
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>> that does not spare me at all. i have nightmares every night. i have a constant vision of that fire and chelsea being trapped inside. >> reporter: mother is suing the city of oakland and other agencies that they believe were involved. and we expect an emotional sentencing hear as the family members and the victims are expected to speak. harris will be released in less than four years because of the credit for time he's spent behind bars. they will make statements in the final day of the hearing scheduled for tomorrow. today's hearing will begin at 9:30. for the first time, cal fire officials are starting to express about some optimism
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about the mendocino complex fire. we expect to get the updated numbers in the next hour. we know that the fire is burning mostly in lake county. they have scorched 373 scare miles and 37% contained. there are mandatory vaccinations. and some -- evacuations. we just got new numbers the new roof. the car fire burn through 277 square miles p and now it is 48% contained and the fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes. and more than 500 buildings are still threatened. police in orange county arrested a man they said started the holy fire burning right now in the santa ana mountains. they say that the fires started
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near his cabin in the mountains. he had disputes with neighbors and his cabin was the only cabin out of 14 that did not burn down. >> this is a monster. who would go out with low humidity and high winds and the highest heat temperatures this time of the year and intentionally set the forest on fire? >> the holy fire has burned of thousand ache ares and only 5 -- acres and only 5% contained. the dell nell fire has burned 28 square miles. 600 people are battling those flames. 55 buildings destroyed and 220 in danger. so far the fire is only 4% contained. highway 108 is still closed from eagle metal road to the pass. and the pacific chest trail has been closed between highway 108
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and highway 4. the bart director is going to review a $28 million proposal to increase safety and security. many passengers told us that they feel uneasy riding bart after a series of crimes, including deaths and assaults at several stations in the past few months. they will hire more bart police. they will upgrade surveillance cameras. a council is a public advocacy group. and they say that the improvements are a good idea but it will take time and money. we're talking about having a show of force on bart on the trains in the stations all the time so that the passengers of bart, the loyal rider cans see that they will be safe. >> bart said it has an agreement in place with the police and the sheriff's
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departments in the area. it is only for emergency situations. and they suggest that a permanent agreement be better. and there are groups that oppose the idea of more security cameras and police. they will hear from both groups today. man accused of slashing two passengers on the bart train with a box cut is due in court. he was arrested earlier this week in oakland near laney college. the police said that he was on a bart train last friday when he allegedly slashed two men after a fight started. the injuries not life is lenning. the investigators -- threatening. they say they recognize him from the bart surveillance video. they say he has a criminal history. san francisco police are investigate what they call a possible double homicide. they found bodies of two people last night. people asked the police to go
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check on them. the police have not revealed their identities. theres with a dead pedestrian in the parking lot of a 7-eleven store. he may have been laying down in the parking lot when a car hit the person this is not far from interstate 280 an investigation indicates that the car was going under ten miles an hour. we don't know why the person was on the ground but trapped are in the car and died at the scene the driver has been cooperating with police. a freeway offramp is open again after being shut down overnight because of a big rig crash and a hazmat scare. the truck was carrying hot asphalt when it slipped over last night and the onramp of northbound 680. a hazmat team was called in as a precaution. the scene was cleared before 4:00 this morning.
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the driver was trapped and smashed a window to get out. search for missing college student molly tibbott shows the response and the limit of -- mollie tibbett shows the response and the technology is so important. she disappeared while dog sitting at her boyfriend's home. they had to file search warrants with tech companies to get some of that verification. >> all of this is time sensitive. the way this plays out is that he separate the location data from the actual contact data. >> once a battery dies on a device the signal ends. apple pay can still report location after the phone has
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died. tech security analysts they hope apple will release a phone that has a direct link to 911. california's first term for senator harris is making a big impact in the county. coming up, will she run for president in 2020? good morning. we can see the traffic is getting a little busy on some of the key commutes around the bay. and fog is a consideration if you're heading into san francisco from lorraine county. dense fog around the bay. this is a life camera look. we have a warming trend away from the coastline. we'll tell you what the numbers are and today will be the hottest day of the week. ♪ i put a spell on you
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foreman process fer brook turner lost his -- student brook turner lost his appeal. he was sentenced to six months in jail and released after three months getting decreed by thetor good behavior. his lawyers appealed saying there was a lack of evidence. however the judicial review board said that there was plenty of evidence that he should have nobody that she was too intoxicated to consent to sexual activity. 18-year-old tyrone - and another boy were taken into
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custody for beating up this man. the man was talk about a park on monday and two people walked up, pushed him to the ground, kicked him repeatedly and spit on him. both suspects are facing charges of attempted robbery, elder abuse. >> the chief released this. words cannot be expressed expressed how sa my wife and are so now. we're shifting gears talking about sports. the 49er's preseason opener it tonight against the cowboys at cowboys stadium. we'll see some of the younger guys, like joe williams that is
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competing for the important backup role. williams missed last season because of a leg injury. and now the fan cans see what he can do -- fans can see what he can do. 49ers are offering more food options for fans when. regular season starts next month. they are unveiling touchdown food. there is salt and straw ice cream. >> yes. >> how about pork buns? >> salty and sweet, nothing better. there is a bourbon pub. and crab pretzels and a chicken nachos. >> okay. done, done on all counts. you can vote on your favorite food in a competition called the continue to toss. >> do we have the time to drive
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back there and come back? yes t is research. i'll see if i can dial up highway 24 in thest bay commute. we have had a -- the east bay commute. we have had a nice quiet commute when it comes to major traffic. we have not had any surprises on highway 24. we have not had anything major at the bay bridge. but it is backed up for a 15, 20 minute delay. maybe a little more now. 880 northbound has not started to slow yet to downtown oakland. westbound 92, a little slow approaching the bridge and it looks good to the peninsula. and when you get over to highway 101 to san francisco, it does look good. steve has the day off.
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let's bring in sal. the fog is bouncing around the basement so that will impact your -- the bay. so that will impact your commute. watch out for that we have a layer of warm air up above our head and it is sinking and that is expressing things. that is why it is warming up away from the coastline. we have the dense following. this is like and iron that is squashing things. we'll warm up away from the coastline look at the highs yesterday compared to the highs that we're forecasting today. we're up just a few degrees from yesterday's readings. so today should be the hottest day of the week to break this weather pattern, we talk about the lid in the atmosphere. here is the air quality scare from good all the way to very unhealthy. but probably a different story as you work closer to lake county and the fire zones and closer to the source of all of that and we have the stable
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layer of air up above our heads there. is not a lot of mixing and things set text and a red flag warning will kick in later on today through friday and into saturday. all the areas in red here so this will include the car fire and the complex. you'll notice variable nice conditions and then the winds will strengthen. the wind will pick up this afternoon. as you know, we had the fog on the coastline around the bay. the temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. you see this big h starting to build in and upper 90s and close to 100 degrees. and we'll cool things off by a few degrees as we head into friday and saturday. so keeping it cool for the
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beaches here. but all sorts of bright colors reflecting the high temperatures in fairfield and vacaville. more neighborhoods, oakland, 78 and upper 90s in brentwood, gilroy 100 and san jose upper 80s. san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. the beaches in the lower 60s. a little dropoff, the numbers for tomorrow and then more cooling as we head towards the weekend. 7:20. more police temporarily patrolling bart train after deadly incidents on bart in the last couple of weeks. >> you have to lead by example. and our officers are making quite a sacrifice. >> more on the bart and the police chief on the bart system. helping immigrants on the path to citizenship. new information ordered by the army to stop approving benefits for people that are not u.s. citizens.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. harris. today the the pentagon will release a new study about a new branch of the government to guard space. the pentagon officials are studying way to form a military branch for the space form. and the u.s. army
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temporarily stopped immigrant recruits that enlisted seeking a path to citizenship. army officials were ordered to stop the process of discharging men and women that enlisted the special immigrant program effective immediately the disclosure comes reports that dozens of immigrants were being discharged for no given reason. the russian government is denouncing the u.s. sanctions over the poisoning of an ex russian spy as a breech of international law. a nerve agent was determined to have been used to poison a former officer and his daughter. the russian government denies involvement in the poisoning. las vegas art makers like -- harris will make a run for the presidency in 2020. it lists senator harris with the democrat as the best odds
7:25 am
of becoming president in the next election. and better than my sanders -- bernie sanders has the same odds as harris. and president trump has the best chance of being re-elected president in 2020. community activist cat brooks is going to run for mayor in oakland. her platform focuses on housing, education and upholding city sanctuary policies. they may be best known for her anti-police terror project. she said she would redirect police funding to crime prevention. >> we will knock on the doors and impact the people that are ready for a change we will organize them. we have 92 days left and we can win this. >> brook is facing a crowded field in her challenge.
7:26 am
7 other candidates have announced their plans to run for the mayor of oakland. a school district will be audited by the state. they will look the mishandling of funding in the district. >> reporter: i'm at the bart station where riders are weighing in at a proposed new safety plan across the area. what they would like to see more of. more of. good morning. you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well in some areas, including the east bay and west bay this is 880 heading into the haze. warming temperatures coming up to areas. it will be close to 100 greece as we take a look -- 100 degrees as we take a look at your thursday forecast.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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this is one of the best times to visit lake tahoe. you can see right out across the lake. you see the crystal. but right now is it all smoke from the mendocino complex fire that made its way to lake tahoe creating unhealthy air- conditions and obscuring a multimillion dollar view. and now people are thinking now may not be the right time to visit. and we'll tell you about the progress being made. >> i have people checking. a lot of people from the bay area going up there to see janet jackson perform this weekend and wanted to know what
7:30 am
it will be like. and you just showed them. >> we see it live right now. welcome back to ktvu ktvu news and mornings on 2. you see the smoke settles and they have poor visibility in the morning hours. we have a little haze this afternoon. but it will mix up a little later on today. and we have the air quality issues. this is the second day in a row. and then it will be a warm friday. and we'll gradually cool things off as we head towards the weekend. satellite showing you the fog. this is dense fog. and will reduce the visibility. current numbers, we have 50s to report in san francisco and 53, along the creek 61. san jose reporting 60 at last check this the plan for today.
7:31 am
we have areas of fog with hazy sunshine and patchy smoke and the temperatures a touch warmer than yesterday's readings. we have a 40-degree temperature range from the beaches all the way to the inland hotspots. upper 90s close to 100. 7:31. let's check in with sal with the morning commute. the fog is going to be a factor if you're driving to southern area to the golden gate bridge. it will be foggy in the robin williams tunnel. south san francisco, not a -- south of san francisco not a big traffic story there. and it is getting a little more sun unless on the way -- sun on the way into the tunnel. and now we have a 25 minute delay at the very end of the line. this morning's commute looks
7:32 am
all right. traffic is mode rate driving into downtown. bart's border directors will hear details on a 28 million-dollar plan to increase the security across the system that comes after several crimes on bart stations and bart trains. we go live to walnut creek. and we'll look at what some of the riders will say to you about some of the proposals. >> reporter: the riders said they generally feel safe riding bart, but they would welcome safety measures after three people were killed in one week. and the proposal does include barriers to the areas and also hiring more bart police officers, including emergency call boxes on platforms and uptrad -- upgrading the security system. riders i talked to like the
7:33 am
ideas, especially following the recent wave of violence. >> it makes one wonder, is it safe on bart? is it safe anywhere you go? >> reporter: what will make you feel more safe? >> more police presence. the next day they were. >> reporter: the ceo of the bay area council plans to speak at today's meeting. he wants bart to accept help from other law enforcement agencies to increase the patrols. and council said that the safety proposal has a lot of good ideas and they will take time and money and the meeting happens this morning at 9:00 a.m. the police chief and deputy chief rode bart rains yesterday to reassure passengers in the
7:34 am
wave of recent violence. they join other bart officers now riding trains after a series of high profile crimes. they are working six days a week for the next three weeks. >> presence is here and people see that. makes me feel safer. >> police chief said down the line bart will have overtime available for officers so they can work in pairs. 7:34. the formal sentencing hearing starts for the two men convict in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. derick almena and max harris accepted a plea deal avoids a trial. they pled guilty to no contest for the 36 the manslaughter. we'll have live coverage through the courthouse through the morning and right here on ktvu news. victims of last year's
7:35 am
wildfires rallied at the state capitol against a plan that would let the electric company when they start fires. they want to reduce the liability for the utility companies if they acted recently. they stay could threaten the existence of utility companies. it would not affect pge in past wildfires. but they stay will take away the rights to being con -- compensated in the future. >> if a utility creates a damage as the cause and negligence of the fire, that we want to get reimbursed for the standards. >> pge was blamed for sparking many fires last year. they have not ruled when that
7:36 am
caused the tub fire, one of the most devastate in the north bay. we just received the last progress report from the cal crews. the two crews said that the mendocino complex fire has burned 376 miles. and now they're born ago away from communities -- burning away from communities. so some people forced to evacuate are allowed to go back home. they're finding a lot of ash. but there are some encouraging stories too. one lake county ranch said that he and his wife spent several nights in their car and watched the firefighters. >> you know your house is still gone and it wasn't there. it is. >> he actually hugged and
7:37 am
kissed the firefighters. 119 homes have been destroyed, 9200 others are still in danger. the fires are now 47% contained. the cal fire does not expect to fully control the mendocino complex fire still september 1st that is more than three weeks from now. people evacuated and remain at the lower lake high school evacuation center have another problems from -- deal with. they have an outbreak of norovirus at one shelter. and that includes diarrhea and vomiting. they are trying to get it under control as quickly as possible. today is another bad air day because of the high temperatures, smoke and fog. some athletic clubs will cancel
7:38 am
practice. some will modify workouts to indoors only. there is an outside ban burn to tell you about. camp fires, box bqs and charcoal fires are ban. propane lighters are allowed. campers cannot leave their stove on tend. the ban could last a week. state auditors will review the -- school district. they want to investigation allegations of inappropriate spending of bond money and mismanaged funds. yesterday state lawmakers approved a review, specifically if contracts signed last year are legal with south california based dell to build new rooms. the audit is expected to be completed next year. more people are being
7:39 am
priced out of bay area homes. this report shows 18% of households could afford to buy a medium priced single-family home that is 21% down from the first quarter last year. housing costs are outpacing salaries. they put the median price at more than $1 million. tonight there is a block party in walnut creek to help provide government services. the city of walnut creek are helping to provide services that are usually only offered during daytime hours. and that gets pets signed up for vouchers and even getting a library card. the block party starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 7:30. summers are coming to an early close for many students
7:40 am
in oakland. we're joined by the oakland unified schools superintendent. >> school starts on monday. we'll talk about if students will be seeing anymore cuts in their classrooms. a major move by new york city to limit uber and lyft lift. we'll tell you about the new restrictions on ride share services. traffic is doing very well if you are driving from san francisco to the downtown area to the airport. it should be a decent drive. ent drive. the weather, we have been tracking low clouds and fog. we have a bit of haze. warming temperatures here and we'll take a look at the forecast highs coming up. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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manteca. this man is being accused of training children to use assault weapons to shoot up schools. the investigators found 11 children living in filthy conditions with little food or water. and they also found remains there. the state of emergency is declared in virginia ahead of the anniversary of the violent charlotteville protest. one woman died when she was hit by a car. dozens of other people were hurt in the chaos. the police and the national guard will be there patrolling
7:44 am
the area. >> i will tell you also, that the state police is fully prepared to act on any inciteful violence, any acts of violence or any violations of law. >> move will allocate 2 million- dollar in state funds and the national guard will help. the man who is accused of shooting and killing 17 people in a florida high school blames voices for what he d the broward county sheriff's office released the interrogation video nikolas cruz on that day of the hearing. it shows him uneasy in the room and pretending to shoot himself in the head. he told the investigators that he hears voice in his head and that he tries to resist the
7:45 am
voice but it tells him to do things. the broward county school superintendent said they showed off new changes. there is one point of entry, a new video camera system and buzzer at the visitor's entrance and control access for cars. some say there are too many ride share in new york. uber and lyft are speaking out. it will bring the community back to struggling for a ride. san francisco approves the idea and they hope it will spread west. >> i think it is fantastic
7:46 am
because the congestion. >> new york's new ban will study the limits in the next 12 months and will come back with recommendations with either continuing the limits or lifting them. how do the roads look? they look all right. we'll talk about highway 4. still slowing here as you drive over to concord immediately after you cross the grade. 6801 slow to walnut creek. we had a stalled truck on the bridge. but that recovered quickly. this is about a 25 minute delay instead 20 minutes. this is 880. it is still filled in driving to downtown oakland. and southbound 880 has been
7:47 am
slow this is typical. the traffic is okay. i want to remind that you tonight is the 49er's game and the kickoff is at 7. but the crowds arrive much earlier than that and i will tell you that the -- that is levi stadium. that commute will be the most impacted. how about some football weather? football season we're talking about preseason football for this evening. 7:00. it will be warm so plan on warm temperatures at 7. in the upper 70s. winds northwesterly around 15 miles an hour. it will probably be a bit of haze in the sky in the afternoon hours in the south bay. here comes the satellite. west haze and the low clouds
7:48 am
and fog hugging our coastline and embracing the coastline and blanketing the bay. we have oakland at 56, san jose and walnut creek in the 60s. around 61 at last check. we started to warm up a little bit yesterday and the trend will continue for today. with that, we'll have a big range of temperatures nearly 40 degrees from the chilly coastline to the hot temperatures in the inland surrounded by the 100. and cooling, we'll cool things off a little bit. but not much for a friday. but a drop why have in the numbers and more cooling as we head into the weekend as we increase the onshore flow. we had the low clouds and fog keeping it cool for the coast. this is locally dense fog that will impact your visibility. but you see the upper 90s and 101 near clear lake. so increasing fire danger for the fire zones with red flag warning that begins later on today. fairfield 96.
7:49 am
oakland 78. you see a few spots around 100 degrees. in brentwood, gilroy 100 and san jose in the upper 80s and san francisco 68. the beaches are mostly in the lower 60s. the five-day, not much cooling in your friday. but down by 2 to 3 degrees and the trend will continue as we head towards the weekend. 7:49. a huge security flaw. this will affect comcast customers. how many addresses and social security numbers been exposed. today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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the tribune company is terminating a proposed proposed a 3. 9 merger with the sinclair. the tribune is not just backing out of that deal it plans to sue sinclair, accusing them of not making adjustments to comply with federal regulations. tesla is being investigated. the wall street reports that the fcc is looking into whether tesla's ceo really has funding lined up to take tesla private as he claimed in a tweet on tuesday. if he does not, he could possibly face civil and maybe
7:53 am
criminal penalties. that one tweet on tuesday sent tesla's stock soaring. the shares were halted for about 90 minutes. there is a new study in san francisco become first-time mothers later in life than anywhere else in america. married women living in san francisco are 32 years old when they first become mothers. they are almost 33 if they have a college degree. the average age of first-time mothers in the u.s. in general is 26. the reason is pretty complex. but the recent study said it may come down to education. women with college degrees give birth and average of 7 years earlier than those with degrees. the major airlines are looking for ways to attract new pilots to the profession. they are setting up training center and increasing pays.
7:54 am
the number of pilots needed has dropped since the 9/11 attacks. and the youngest baby boomer pilots are hitting the mandatory retirement age as it comes as and i am approvalling approval -- improving economy. the new android smart phone comes with a larger screen. samsung also improved the camera and the storage t is reportedly the most expensive phone samsung has ever released it is expected for more than $900. a security flaw exposed more than the personal information of comcast infinity. they stay was easy to hack into
7:55 am
the comcast log in page to to get to sensitive information. comcast said it has patched the flaws and they do not believe any sensitive information was stolen. concerns for a recall. the recall is for half ounce bottles of 12 hour sinus relief nasal mist. there is a concern about bacteria that could be life- threatening if you have a weak system. it is for box with expiration date of september 2019. if you bought it, you are urged to take it back or throat it away. some changes being made for the oscars ceremony. they are trying to reduce the drop in ratings. the 2018 oscars will add a new
7:56 am
category and cut down the show. it will run no longer than 3 hours. action movies like black panther and horror movies will now have a shot at oscar's gold. will adivision a popular film -- at decision of a popular film category and maximum three hour broadcast, will that improve the viewership. 23% say yes and 73% say no. less us know what you think on our twitter page or our facebook page as well. 7:56. discussion safety on bart. the big meeting happening in about an hour from now. it could lead to changes when it comes to security for bart passengers. authorities announce the arrest of two people for this attack on a sick man in the central valley. the connection one of the
7:57 am
suspects has to a bay area police chief. good morning. we can see traffic is moving along well in some of these areas. no major problems as you drive into san francisco. to san francisco. and get the shoes you want...for get to tway less.hoe event oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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today is the sentencing hearing in the ghost ship warehouse. a plan to increase safety and security for bart riders. there will be a meeting that gets underway in a meeting an hour from now. good morning you for joining us for mornings on 2. mike is enjoying a bit of a vacation. he is getting pretty good weather too. it is hot out there. the temperatures inland are souring. we're going to warm up the numbers a a little bit. but not so much coast side.
8:01 am
west dense fog there. air alert for the second day in a row. it will be a warm friday and we'll gradually cool things off for the weekend. we have a layer of stable air up above our heads. we call that the inversion. and it traps the pollutant to the surface. so we're in this range for today, moderate to unhealthy for the sensitive groups. the view from space showing you this and the fog up and down our coastline. and the current numbers showing you the 50s and the 60s. san jose 50 degrees and santa rosa have warmed up four degrees in the past hour. look at these 61s. you are all of 1 -- all 61 degrees. and upper 90s close to 100 degrees for your thursday forecast. we'll take a closer look at your forecast highs and cooling that could move in as we head
8:02 am
towards the weekend. time 8:01. good morning, sal. good morning. we're looking at one of the busiest commutes in the bay area to start. and that will be the east shore freeway. interstate 880 to the maze about a 31 minute drive between those two points. when you get to the bay bridge, things will improve a little bit. that has been gone for about a half hour but the damage is done. you can see traffic on 880 northbound. the traffic will be a little slow now as you approach the coliseum and heading to downtown. southbound traffic on high ward and union city is all right. i see some heavy traffic on 680 southbound so we'll check into that. 8:02 let's go back to the desk. 80 minutes away from the two day shipping in the ghost ship warehouse. they'll hair from the families
8:03 am
that lost loved ones in the tragedy. we good to the courthouse to explore what we could expect when court begins this morning. >> reporter: derick almena and max harris both pled no contest back on july 3rd to 36 counts of manslaughter. derick almena is expected to get nine years and harris six years for their roles in the deadly fires. december of 2016, people attend a concert and party thrown inside this twotor joy warehouse -- two-story warehouse. and the ghost ship warehouse was a death trap, say officials. the fruitville warehouse had a makeshift electrical system and the interior was stacked pee and knows and staircase made of pallets. it did not have an adequate way to escape the building. people died from smoke
8:04 am
inhalation when they were not able to move it out. >> in order to defend myself, i would have to point finger around to make other police officers and friends and all the sudden make them guilty now. >> reporter: city records reveal that the police and the firefighters had visited the warehouse before the fire. but a formal inspection was never done. derick almena's lawyer expected that he'll be released in less than four years because of the credit that he received behind bars. and harris two years. today's hearing is set to begin at 9:30 this morning. in an hour, the bart investigators will vote on a
8:05 am
$28 million proposal to increase security and safety for bart passengers. many people said they do not feel safe riding bart after deaths and assaults in the past few months. the proposal will call for hiring more police and installing call boxes and upgrading surveillance -- upgrading surveillance cameras. the bart council is made up of local business leaders. they say that the improvements are good ideas. but they say it will take time and money so they are being urged to work with other local police departments. >> we're talking about having a show of force on bart on the trains in the stations all the time so that the passengers of bart and the loyal riders can see that they're going to be safe. >> reporter: bart said it has an agreement in place with the police and sheriff's offices through the area for emergencies. and the board expected to hear from people that don't want
8:06 am
more police at station and more security cameras with facial recognition software. man accused of slashing two passengers on board a bart train is due in court. he was arrested this week in oakland. the police said that -- espinosa was on the train and allegedly slashed two men after a fight broke out. the injuries are non-life threatening. they stay he does have a criminal history. son of a bay area police chief has been arrested and another teenage boy for beating a sick man. they were taken into custody for the attack, part of which that was caught on surveillance video that you see here. -- is the son of the union city police chief.
8:07 am
he was walking in a park on monday when two people walked up and pushed him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly and spit on him. the chief released this statement on facebook in part. words can barely describe how embarrass and hurt my wife, daughters and i feel right now. it is difficult for us to comprehend how the of one of three kids that grew up with the same parents under the same roof and same rules could wander so far astray. officers found the body of two people last night in the tenderloin district. relates asked the police to go check on them. the police have not revealed their identity. today is another spare the air day. the bare air quality city caused by high temperatures,
8:08 am
smoke from all the wildfires in northern california. and some athletic teams and clubs are practicing outdoor practices. some are going indoor only and they are cutting back on the exercises. mendocino complex fire grew a little more overnight. containment stands at 51%. no more home were burned. the fire burning away from communities. u.s. senator harris will talk to fire victims. the senator wants to talk directly with the people affected by the fire and they will visit middletown fire station to hear for herself what the fire crews are up against as they continue to
8:09 am
battle the largest wildfire in modern state history. lower lake high school evacuation center there is a medical problem there. health officials confirm they had did have an outbreak of the extremely contagious norovirus. people have symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. the car fire in shasta and trinity counties grew by two scare miles overnight. -- square miles overnight. 277 square miles burned since the fire started on july 23rd t is now 33% contained. police arrested a man they say started the holy fire. forest clark was taken into custody on suspicion of felony arson. it started near his cabin in the mountains. he reportedly had disputes with
8:10 am
his neighbors. his cabin was the only one of 14 that did not burn down. the holy fire burned 6,000 acres and only 5% contained. one of the oldest active fires in california remains the ferguson wildfire. it is burning around and in yosemite. it grew by a hundred acres overnight and more than 95,000 acres large. it is an area of 148 square miles. containment is now 79% that is up pretty good from 68% last night. the fire started a month ago and it storessed some of the most popular attractions in yosemite to close. 600 people are battling the flames here. 55 buildings destroyed and 220 are threatened. the fire is just 4% contained.
8:11 am
the trail has been closed between 108 and highway 4. hard to believe, but this monday will mark the first day of school for the oakland public school systems. it is that time of year. the superintendent will join us live in a few minutes. we'll talk about why the school year is starting so early this year and what the students can expect when the classrooms open their doors. a controversy surrounding frontier airlines. the lawsuit involving two un a -- unattended children when the flight was diverted to another city. we have not had any major problems. and we'll talk about a problem when we come back. not too much of a change with our weather pattern. you see a layer of haze and slightly warmer temperatures coming up in our forecast.
8:12 am
a few spots could approach 100 degrees. ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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8:14 am
search for 20-year-old molly mollie tibbetts shows the importance of technology. she was went jogging and
8:15 am
disappeared. they used cell phone call and her social media to create a timeline. they had to file search warrants with tech companies to get some of that information. >> all of that is time sensitive, and the people that contacted her. unfortunately, i think the way that plays out is they separate the location data from the actual contact data. >> once the battery dies on our devices, the trail ends. there are a few app like apple pay that can still report locations. they hope that apple will release a phone that has a direct link to 911. former stanford swimmer brock ton near lost his appeal. he was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting a girl in 2016. he was released after six
8:16 am
months get credit for good behavior. they say there was a lack of evidence, according to his attorney. but the judicial review board said there was plenty of evidence that turner should have known that the woman was too intoxicated to consent to sexual activity. the children flying alone on frontier airlines, the parent are not happy how they were handled when the flight was diverted because of bad weather the parents said that frontier did not tell them what happened and only when their children borrowed another child's phone that they were found as to where they were. six under age children all shared a hotel room with the frontier airline's employee. frontier said that the top priority is always the children's safety. are you ready for a little
8:17 am
football tonight, sal? >> i am. but i have to say i'm going to watch a little bit of it. but once they start putting in the third or further stringers, i might just go to bed because i have to get up early will. >> that might be five minutes in. >> i have to be here very early the game starts at 7:00. we're going to break down the 49ers coming up on the 9. this is the 80 westbound. this say 32 minute drive. no major issues at the bay bridge. we had an earlier stalled truck. you wonder where it is so crowded. they had to slow the lights down. 880 northbound will take a little slowing near the coliseum. and southbound 80 is beginning to thin out. silocon valley has been just a little better than normal. i have a feeling when we start to get back in school, we'll start to see it different. we talked about 49ers game.
8:18 am
the game starts this evening in the silicon valley. we'll see a lot of traffic heading that way. so just remember it so it will not take you by surprise. 8:18. let's go to mark. good morning. we're talking about warmer temperatures for today. so if you are headed to the game, it could feel pretty warm, the temperatures are in the upper 70s. what is happening for today, we have this layer of warm air up above our heads it is expressing the marine layer. if you have the fog, you know is it dense. you're going for a run at christy fields -- it is dense. if you're going for a run, at christy fields, you will see how dense it is. it will not be a big warmup. but everyone treading up a little bit. santa rosa 93. livermore 93. with the warming weather and gusty winds, the fire danger on
8:19 am
the increase across northern california. so all the areas in pretty, this is a red flag fire warning later today and friday and saturday. it does include the car fire and the mendocino complex fire. we'll be watching that. things will dry up and heat up, it will attract the wind. you see the winds up in lake county and the early wind light and variable. look what happens into the afternoon hours. the wind change, a westerly wind developing around 8:00 to 12 to 14 miles an hour. so that is and add to the complication to the fire crews. we'll go up and down the coastline we'll check in with the dangers. the area of high pressure is continuing to build n with that upper 90s inland so today probably the hottest day of the
8:20 am
week. but the beaches, the readings only at 60 because of the stubborn fall. friday and the weekend, we'll shave off a few degrees by saturday. hazy sunshine once again. again we have the spare alert. vacaville 99. oakland 78 and mid-to upper 80 on livermore and down the to saint at a clara valley. gilroy 100 and san francisco downtown in the upper 60s and flirting with the 70s. the coast mainly in the lower 60s. a little cooling by friday. you you may have noticed the change by saturday into sunday as we increase the low clouds. victims of last year's deadly while fires up in the north bay holding a rally at the state capitol. the message that they have for state lawmakers that are going
8:21 am
consider legislation that would limit utilitys' liability. a new technology will be put in place that help people that call from their cell phones when we come back. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar,
8:22 am
install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
8:23 am
a chp officer helps rescue a hiker suffering from a heat related injury along the popular trail. they had trouble getting to him because the access road was washed out and impassable for
8:24 am
vehicles. paramedics were forced to hike to his location. but a helicopter spotted him and took him to a nearby landing zone where an ambulance picked him up and took him to the hospital. 911 officials will gather to talk about new technology to help people using emergency services using their cell phones. apple said it will provide location data starting in the fall. they have been working to enyour once the upgrade goes into effect, detachers will get the -- dispatchers will get the information they need. representatives from mexico are meeting with top white house officials in washington today to talk about the north free trade agreement. the two countries are far getting new rules of cars sold at a new deal by the end of the week. >> reporter: president trump made renegotiating the pretrade
8:25 am
agreement a top priority this week. administration officials proposing 75% of all cars sold in north america be manufactured here and raising the minimum wage for auto workers to $16 an hour. experts stay could raise prices for consumers, but it is preferrable to more tariffs. >> it would be extremely negative for the u.s. car degree with the tariffs. >> reporter: but mexico said that the minimum wage will put many of their suppliers out of business. they are threatening to retaliate against american farmers by targeting the wheat crop it is a threat that the farmers in the u.s. are taking
8:26 am
seriously. despite president trump's recent announcement in $12 billion in aid for the agriculture industry. >> is we have had no growth in 35 years because of trade and politics. 8:26t is expected to be an emotional two days in a sentencing hearing for the two men responsible for the deadly go two go two years ago. more on the anger -- deadly ghost ship warehouse two year ago. more on the anger leading up to today's sentencing. bart will have a new
8:27 am
security and safety plan. what they plan to do with adding more police officers and keeping fare evaders out. it is not too bad on the way to oakland. as we head to the bay bridge, you see slow traffic there. we have more low clouds and dense fog on the bay. and all the haze is still paying us a visit. we'll talk about the warm pattern and the temperatures approaching 100 degrees. we'll have your full forecast coming up. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less.
8:29 am
. we have mike enjoying the week off. >> it is almost friday. let's see how you're forecast is shaping up for a nice week.
8:30 am
we're getting closer to friday and the weekend. and the forecast today, not a big change compared to yesterday's readings. we have spare the air day. that is the second day in a row. hot numbers inland. it will be a hot to warm friday and we'll gradually clear things off. and the air quality has been really an issue in the bay area with the haze and some of the smoke. this is the map from this morning showing you the brighter colors and the higher concentrations of the ozone and the smoke. this is focused up to the north and east. but some of the yellow moving into portions of the bay area. so we have the spare the air alert. we have the fog on the coastline, embracing the coast and portions of the basement the current numbers in the 50s and the 60s. this is the plan, fog this morning and hazy sunshine this afternoon. and the fog will graduate whether i clear back into the coast. and the beaches, not the warmest beach day.
8:31 am
and the temperatures, you'll be sliver boundaries -- shivering there. time now 8:30 and the commute continues to move along. let's check in with sal. so i'm talking to our friend kevin pender, you note guy that is on your weather picture. >> i'll say 101 san francisco with cheese. you can see that the traffic is back up here. all it is takes it for the stalled vehicle to be on the bridge for a few minutes. and things are finally getting better. traffic has been already here.
8:32 am
here it. we got 101 san francisco. northbound 101 is nod rately heavy and -- moderately heavy and southbound will be all right if you're going to catch a flight, you should not worry about catching a flight to the airport. this is a little slower. you see the slow traffic from to downtown oakland. 8:32 and we'll go back to the desk. there is a 28 million- dollar plan meant to increase security along the bart city. and we talked to passengers about how they feel when it comes to safety on bart after several attacks on the bart system. >> reporter: i talked to a lot of the customers and they say they normally feel say but the recent rash of violence has
8:33 am
them concerned. they will increase fencing to keep the fare invaders out and up gid the security system -- upgrade the security system and the screens could be monitored in realtime and someone could be dispatched the moment a crime is committed. >> it makes one pander, is it safe on bart. it is safe anywhere you go? >> reporter: what would make you feel more safe? >> i think if there were more police, bart police presence on the bart. the next day, there were like exit and escalators but what happens usually happens on the bart. >> reporter: they want bart to accept help from other law enforcement agencies to increase patrol so that the change can happen immediately. the bay area council said that the safety measures include good ideas but they could take
8:34 am
time and money. and the meeting happened at 9 a.m. >> the bart police chief and deputy chief rode bart yesterday to reassure passengers. the chief and the deputy chief joined other bart officers now riding the trains after a series of high profile crimes. bart officer have been told to work six days a week for the next three weeks. they will want to have them work in pairs. formal sensing hear -- sentencing hearing continues for the two men that pled no contest for the manslaughter for the 36 people killed in the fire in 2016. derick almena will get a nine year sentence and harris will get 6. some of the family members say they are upset now.
8:35 am
we'll have live coverage through the morning on ktvu news. fire crews in the lake and -- county continue to make progress against the largest wildfire in modern california history. the two fires have burned a total of 476 square miles that is an increase of four miles overnight. they have a line and a look at the fires. no other homes were burned overnight. victims of last year's wildfires and the north rallied at the state capitol against a plan would let the utility company off the hook when the equipment starts fires. they want the lawmakers to reject the governor's plan to reduce the lie guilt for utility companies if the utility acted reasonably. the governor wants to limit the liability said that the increasing number fires could
8:36 am
threaten the existence of utility companies. but fire victims said that the move will take away their right for being correspond sated in the future -- compensated in the future. the cal fire still has not ruled out the cause for the -- fire in devastated santa rosa. vice president joe biden has new details of a new branch of the military that president trump directed the fog create. >> space environment has fundamentally changes in the last generation. what was once peaceful and uncontest said now crowd. and today other nations are seeking to disrupt or space base systems as never before. >> earlier this year, the president ordered the defense department toe create the new
8:37 am
space force. they are -- to create a new space force. they will focus on u.s. assets in space. hundreds of construction workers are work at a new high- rise complex. jessie will bring us what is happening there. >> reporter: good morning. this site is not -- the controversy at this tight is nothing new. there was an issue last year by the u.s. department labor. and that has not resolved thing. they have brought a large shipping container out in front of the towers that are going up here in downtown san jose. they say that full power properties is a primary contractor. but it hired mr. torres as a subcontract. and the u.s. department of labor said that they did not pay people for work that was done. and they were forced to pay
8:38 am
$250,000 to 22 employees because of back pavement but there are other allegations that other employees were held against their will. your allegations are what? that this has not been resolved? >> it has not been resolved and addressed in the long term. the sun is out today. this particular job site has this a track record of not taking care of their workers and exploiting workers. and we want to have officials look at this and look at the force labor laws in the country. >> reporter: why the container? >> the workers were held in a container similar to this, driven to this job site and not paid and threatened if they were to speak out about to have
8:39 am
their families harmed in their home countries. >> reporter: that was august of last year is it. this is august 2018, are you saying that has not stop answered. >> we continue get waste complaints from this and other sites associated with full power. we think it is time that the global elected officials put strict waste ordinances to any pub list public -- public assistance. >> reporter: so it is not only this site? >> it is any understanding from the federal government, the investigators it is rampant in the construction industry. the workers want to be treated with dignity and respect and not force into labor and not paid what they are owed. >> reporter: we have a full
8:40 am
statement from full power. we'll put it on the screen. they stay they see it as a misplaced publicity stunt. there more of the statement. but that is the essence of it. they believe this is something that the subcontractor did, not the actual contractor of the building. the protest starting this morning with a shipping container to draw attention that the workers are mistreat in the construction industry. back to you. growing up, most of us started school right after labor day. but oakland public schools start this monday. >> so what is big this school year? we're excited to be joined by the oakland school superintendentment we'll talk about the new school year and if the budget is facing more budget cuts.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
. we welcome to the oklahoma
8:44 am
soak superintendent here. -- the oakland public school district superintendent here. school is starting this monday, a week early. why? >> one is to improve student achievement. we have been focusing on learning of pathways that is an approach to make sure that the kids have .opportunity to be ready for college and career. so by aligning the schedule with the colleges, we have our fall semester they're ends before winter break and it supports our duel enrollment -- the the second reason is that
8:45 am
our teachers have been work and they usually don't get paid for the first month and a half. by shifting the schedule, the teachers will be work for two to three weeks and they'll start getting their first paycheck. >> let's talk about teacher pay. we saw a number of passionate protests by teachers and the parents. the district is at an impact when it comes to pay. have you lost any teacher because of this contract dispute? >> we have lost some teachers. and that may be the reason. but we know that the cost of housing that is also hitting various districts. many teachers are having to move further and further out of the area because it is hard to find housing to buy or rent. so that is something that we
8:46 am
have to contend with. >> and the district is taking we can't give you more money because we don't have more to give. do you have anticipate more cuts for the upcoming year? >> we have to look at making budget reductions. our revenue is not keeping up with the cost of many of our growning expenses. when we think about what we must do to educate our special education students, providing transportation, services and the cost of pension. it is hitting us hard because we have had other structural deficit problems. and it is an issue is going on across the state of california. so the charge is to make sure that we remain healthy and also figuring out how we make sure that we're keeping up with compensation knowing it is an expensive area. >> what could you be cutting in the coming school year. it sounds like more budget cuts are on the way. >> that is part of what we're going to be doing in the fall.
8:47 am
we're going to have conversations with the community and seeking strategically what we need to do in terms of our infrastructure and where we need to cut. our goal is to keep cuts away from the classroom. but we realize that any reductions that we make to the district has an impact and directly on schools. so definitely a challenging time. but i want to stress the importance of attendance. and we want to make sure that your kids there are for the first day t is important in terms of student achievement. but attend attendance is important. >> before we have to let you go. there are open positions still
8:48 am
at usc. do you have open positions for the upcoming school year? >> we do, but not very much. we have less than ten. it changes literally by the hour. we have about 19 vacancies for special education teachers and one prep teacher vacancy. and they are work diligently to make sure that we have our vacancy seats filled. >> the oakland parents are busy getting the lunchboxes and pencils. >> yes. >> have a great first day of school this coming monday. thank you for joining us. let's see how it will affect the traffic patterns on the road. heard that the school is going to start -- you heard that school will start next week. this might be the last week nor
8:49 am
light traffic in some of these areas. this is 280 northbound. it looks good into downtown. but there is a crash block a couple of lanes here northbound 280 and 85 right here. and that means that it is going to start backing up quick. so you should think about getting on 85 or 101 to get to the west valley. northbound 280 and 85. let's talk about traffic 880 south into fremont it is a little slow and improving high ward. and highway 4 has completely approved. 680 and bay bridge toll plaza still backed up for a 25 minute delay. i got a tweet from someone that said they are stuck on this ramp for a very long time trying to get on to the freeway. it is still rough out there. 8:49. let's go to mark. we're tracking the fog as well. this is near the coast and drifting over the basement and
8:50 am
we're watching the -- the basement and we're watching the fire burning to the north. it is moving in from the northern portions of the state. so we have the spare alert in place. this is tropical storm john and christy. tropical storm john can send a few extra clouds our way by tomorrow afternoon this is definitely down towards southern california. west typical low clouds and fog hugging the coastline and the current numbers beginning to recover after a cool start this morning. santa rosa 53 and concord 51. and the temperatures this afternoon, it will be a little warmer than yesterday. today will be the hottest day of the week. and that means that the hottest location around 101 out in clear lake and santa rosa 93. oakland in the upper 30s.
8:51 am
and inland upper 90s. 97 to 98 degrees there. gilroy 100 and san francisco, we have dense fog this morning. the cloud will gradually clear back to the shoreline and we'll have some leftover patches into the afternoon hours. and the forecast high downtown san francisco, 68 degrees. the coast remains cool. we'll cool off a little bit as we head towards the weekend. big changes to the oscars. details about the new category that was just added and the new time limit designed to boost the ratings when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪
8:52 am
with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
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8:54 am
two companies own dozens of television station is across the country, including in los angeles and sacramento. tribune is not only backing out of the deal but plans to sue sinclair, accusing them not no make the adjustments to comply with the federal regulations. state lawmakers are considering a bill that will design to try to help children cut down on sugar drinks. some restaurants offer sugary drinks. you have to ask for milk. they pointed to the rise in
8:55 am
childhood obesity and diabetes. some fast food chains have been turning to water as a default drink. some big changes being made to the oscars in the hopes to reverse the decline in ratings. 2018 oscars will cut down on the show, no more than three hours. and a popular film category will be added to the list of awards. ac films like black panther or horror flicks will now have a shot as taking home oscar gold. that leads us to the question of the day, will addition of a popular film category and maximum three hour broadcast improve the oscars this upcoming year? 26% say yes and 74% said no. let us know how you feel by voting on our twitter page or our facebook page. sentencing begins today in
8:56 am
the ghost ship warehouse. hear from the mother of one of the victims that said not having a trial means she and other families are not getting justice. new information that is surrounding the compound where 11 children were found in new mexico. claims this morning that the children were being trained to commit school shootings. at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less.
8:59 am
officials found 11 children in deplorable conditions. and they also found human remains at the compound but they have not been identified. officials want to stop a water leak in a major water pipe in the next few weeks along the roster darrell road. 90,000 gallons of fresh water has been wasted. they have not had the necessary parts to fix it they cannot shut the pipe off because that would leave an entire neighborhood, including two schools without water. the city of berkley turns on a new traffic signal that is making it easier for cyclists to cross. the special traffic signal is activated when they hit a button or it detects a person on the road. a flashing yell or yellow light will warn them to slow down and
9:00 am
warning them to stop. it will feature your a count down clock to show them how much time they can to cross the street before the signal ultimately turns red. today at 9:00, in 30 minutes, sentencing begins in the deadly ghost ship warehouse as we hear from the mother of one of the victims. ktvu news sports anchor jason is live at the classic where curry is set to tee off in a matter of minutes. don't put the barbeque grill away yet. we have some great barbecuing ideas for the remainder of the month. you're looking at the golden gate bridge in san francisco. the 49ers play today. i know you're excited. >> i hope they're


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